We will take you to places you won't find in travel guides and share lots of unrevealed secrets. Some of them truly magical and in danger of extinction.

We are based on
social, economic, natural and cultural sustainability criteria, with sensitivity and respect for the local traditions and their preservation.

We offer a team of qualified and friendly local guides for tours around the Maipo Valley, with a deep knowledge of the region, its culture and wine.

We provide different programs and exclusive activities customized to each group: wine, food and cultural tours, outdoor activities, cooking and wine tasting workshops or gourmet experiences.

Private tours with a local guide are highly recommended if a traveler wishes to know in-depth the ins and outs of the Maipo Valley. Guides also act as translators at those wineries and establishments with non English-speaking staff.


  • Local rides in the Maipo Valley 
  • Walking tours 
  • Carriage tours
  • Transfers 
  • Support staff
  • Individual clients, groups, VIPs
  • 3 languages: Spanish, English and Portuguese. We have partners for other languages




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