The old carriage, the huaso (Chilean country man) behind the reins and the horse will be waiting for you at the scheduled day and time in front of the Sanctuary of Our Lady of Mercy in Isla de Maipo.

Once you have made yourselves comfortable in the carriage, it starts moving through Santelices Avenue, which was officially declared “historical preservation area” in 2012. During the ride, the guide will talk about the history of the place, its old colonial manors and the Miracle of Our Lady of Mercy  that took place in 1899. The carriage keeps going under a natural tunnel formed by the centenary oriental plane tress that decorate each side of the avenue.

The sounds of the horse's hooves, the indications of the huaso driver to the horse and the rattle of the old carriage are heard. The guide shows us the vineyards and the wineries located within the town itself. We visit one of them, Santa Inés farm, which belongs to De Martino winery.

Inside the farm, we stop by the vineyards to do picnic: tasting of a local wine, home-made bread fresh from the oven and Maipo Valley sauzales, han and cheese. The guide will tell us about this historic, old and rich farm.

On your return you will have the opportunity to see other streets and interesting buildings, sothat by the end of the ride you can have a comprehensive vision of Isla de Maipo, its cultural heritage, its history and its people.

An hour an a half to two hours approx. After the ride, the local guide will tell you other interesting places to visit in the area.


Additional services:  transfer from Santiago and back to Santiago $ 35 Dollars per person. (Optional)


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