• Paseo a caballo por el Río Maipo
    Río Maipo, Isla de Maipo, Santiago de Chile
  • Paseo a Caballo por la Viña Tarapacá
    Tarapaca, Isla de Maipo, Santiago de Chile
  • Cabalgata entre arboles
    Isla de Maipo, Santiago de Chile
  • Rio Maipo, Isla de Maipo
    Río Maipo, Isla de Maipo, Santiago de Chile
  • Asado chileno a pie de viña
    Isla de Maipo, Santiago de Chile
  • Almuerzo
    Almuerzo, Isla de Maipo, Santiago de Chile
  • Viña Pérez Cruz
    Viña Pérez Cruz, Santiago de Chile
  • Paseo a caballo por el bosque
    Isla de Maipo, Santiago de Chile
  • Familia a caballo en el Maipo
    Isla de Maipo, Santiago de Chile
  • Pareja descansando de Cabalgata
    Isla de Maipo, Santiago de Chile
  • Cabalgata con perros
    Isla de Maipo, Santiago de Chile

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If you like horseback in the countryside, through vineyards, forests and rivers, and want to taste an excellent Maipo Valley wine in a historic winery, this is the perfect plan for you.

You will also be delighted with a delicious Chilean country grill and excellent wine next to an open fire in an idyllic spot.

The experience we offer you is to begin the journey having a country breakfast at a local breeder while the horses are being saddled and bridled. You can do it yourself if you wish. Once we have finished with breakfast we start the excursion: we make our way along the river, ride among the vineyards, we enjoy the wonderful views from the hills, we listen to the pure song of nature, cross streams of clean and fresh water and stop to do a toast at the foot of the grave vines! In all, we fully enjoy this idyllic spot.

And as a bookend, we will delight you with a country grill accompanied by an excellent wine.

After the country grill, let´s visit the winery and have a tasting.

Once inside the vineyard, while walking in between the grape vines, your guide will explain you the facts that make this winery so interesting. Its past, some Chilean traditions and the winery present state. 

We will tell you about its development, how it evolves and the technology behind that finally make the wine so excellent. Natural cultivation of the grape vines, with minimal human intervention, results in healthy and mature grapes, a high quality raw material to make excelent wines. While walking inside the cellar, we will explain you the wine making process and we will have a final tasting of three magnificent wines.

You will also get the chance to approach the native pre-columbian culture visiting the Undurraga´s Mapuche Museum that recreates the cosmovision and way of life of the prehispanic inhabitants of this central area of Chile.

The tour includes:

  • Destination expert local guide 
  • Transportation by car or van 
  • Breakfast
  • A two hours horseback
  • Tour in a winery and a wine tasting 
  • Country roast 

Don't miss this experience! We will pick you up at your hotel or apartment around 9:00 am and drop you off around 8:30 pm.

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