Peumayen, which means "dreamed place" in Mapudungun, the Mapuche language.
Category: rural accommodation.

All rural accommodations associated with Maipo Valley Wine Tours have their own style, always close to a rustic atmosphere and they are immersed in natural surroundings. Places where you find peace, tranquillity, clean fresh air, natural sounds and good local food. They are designed so you can relax and forget about the stressful everyday life in the city.

Country house built in the first quarter of the twentieth century. Its owners and hosts, the Gumucio family, modified and restored the house to make it more cosier for them and their guests.

Within the house it is easy to appreciate a taste for traditional, peaceful life: the wood-burning stove, the old coffee grinder, the iron brazier to heat the "mate"... All the experiences lived by the Gumucio family on their trips to Europe and other Latin American countries are very present in the house as well.

The property also has a garden with a pond, a pool, a grill, a clay oven, an arbor, a small forest of old avocado trees and prairie land of wild grass that ends in the Maipo River.

Dogs, cats, peacocks and geese roam freely and in harmony with each other. Others, like hens and roosters, live in their clean and well-kept rustic coops.

Their orchard and their different fruit trees, such as avocado, orange, lemon, apple, pear, almond, morello cherry, walnut, guava and feijoa trees... give Angela, the owner and hostess, some of the ingredients to make her delicious home-made jams and canned products such as pepper jam or peaches in syrup.

All this and eggs, fresh and cottage cheeses,  honey,  home-made cakes, grain coffee and different infusions make it a wonderful experience to wake up in the morning and have breakfast under the grapevine in the summer and next to the fireplace in winter.

And on top of it all, Angela bakes empanadas, prepares homemade pasta with cottage cheese and fresh tomatoes, paella, corn pie and beef and pork roasts. And always offered with an excellent local wine.

The house has different entertainments, some can be enjoyed for free like ping pong or table soccer and they also offer bicycle or horse rentals.

Room with salamander and bathroom
$ 46 US Dollars (per person) 
$ 34.000 CLP Chilean pesos (per person)

Single room
$ 46 US Dollars (per person) 
$ 34.000 CLP Chilean pesos (per person)

Cottage with double bed, bathroom and kitchen
$ 46 US Dollars (per person) 
$ 34.000 CLP Chilean pesos (per person)

Additional services:  transfer from Santiago and back to Santiago 
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