• Wine tours and visit to wineries in Maipo Valley Santiago Chile
    The ideal wine break from Santiago!
  • Trekking, country grill & winery in Maipo Valley Santiago Chile
    Trekking, grill & organic winery.
  • Concha y Toro Winery visit to wineries in Maipo Valley Santiago Chile
    Discover the essence of wine
  • Tours with children near Santiago Chile
    Let´s go the whole family!
  • Cultural heritage and wine in Maipo Valley Santiago Chile
    Chilean history and cultural heritage
  • Maipo, a wine valley full of interesting contrasts
    Horseback wine tour & grill
  • Wne tours near Santiago de Chile
    Wineries with innovative architecture
  • Bike wine tours in Maipo Valley Santiago Chile
    Bike wine tours
  • Organic wineries near Santiago de Chile
    Discover the best organic wineries
  • Photography in Maipo Valley Santiago Chile
    Photography tours in vineyards
  • Maipo Valley wine tours in an amazing landscape
    Amazing countryside of Santiago
  • The Maipo, river of life for the wineries
    The Maipo, a River of life
  • Cordón de Cantillana montain range protects Maipo Valley
    Cordón de Cantillana Mountain Range
  • Avocado plantations share the land with vineyards in Maipo Valley
    Avocado plantations near Santiago
  • Isla de Maipo, the main rural and wine producing area
    Isla de Maipo, Wine producing area
  • Visits to vineyards in Maipo Valley Santiago Chile
    You´ll discover magyc places

A Maipo Travel eco wine adventure told by a very special friend, gastronomy expert and inveterate traveler who came to enjoy our experiences: Jakob Polaco from

If you are in Santiago de Chile or you intend to come, make the most of Maipo Valley and the experience in its wineries. Contact us!:

Horseback wine tour and a country grill

Wine trekking tour and a grill

Wine experience in Santiago

Private bike wine tour

Lamb grilled in a metal cross


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